Looks simple but it ain't easy!

Who would have known two black and yellow straps could deliver such an a$$ whooping and a rock solid bod? We have been known to deliver the best TRX classes in all of YYC. Work your muscles in new ways in this technical suspension training device. Every class is different with each instructors personal flare, so get ready to get sweaty!

Make sure to check out our TRX- Xpress options if you’re short on time!

Types of TRX Classes


Learn proper technique, form and get comfortable using the TRX in this foundations class. Spots are limited so you can get the individual attention you deserve!

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TRX XPRESS- Upper Body & Core (NEW!)

Spend less time getting the results you're looking for in this jam packed condensed upper body and core strength based TRX class.

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TRX XPRESS- Lower Body & Core (NEW!)

Maximize the benefits and minimize the time you spend doing it. Feel and see results in only 30 minutes in this lower body and core focused TRX class.

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TRX Plus (NEW!)

Expect a full 45 minute a$$ whooping in this purely strength conditioning class using the TRX and weights or kettlebells.

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TRX- Strength & Cardio

Our TRX format has minimal rest, a ton of variety, explosive cardio rounds with bouts of strength on and off the TRX using a variety of equipment.

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How does it work?

Each class is split into...

  • Warm up

    Fire up those bigger muscle groups, raise your heart rate, and finish with a dynamic stretch.

  • TRX Workout

    Full body conditioning using the TRX and other equipment.

  • Cooldown & Mobility

    Recover, rest and open up the areas we just worked through stretching and mobility work using a mobility ball.

  • The Aftermath

    You'll feel a little tender in the muscles we focused on, don't worry it will pass ;)

Try us out. 2-weeks for $45 (all classes)

What's your story?

(Meet some members who dig it.)

The SurfSet instructors are super positive and make the class really fun. And who can't use more fun and positive vibes in their life?

JS / Read more ›

I have lost 42 pounds. I feel so much more confident, healthier, and stronger than I ever have.

Ethan / Read more ›

To be stress free for at least 45 minutes is a blessing and I find that when I go I carry that surfer girl positive attitude with me everywhere I go!

Anne / Read more ›

That looks fun! Try it for 2 weeks, only $45

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  • Start loving fitness again
  • Get the results you deserve
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