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What is SURFSET®?

Our SURFSET classes are designed to combine the benefits of cardio training, strength training and balance training in one workout all on a landlocked unstable surf board in 45 minutes. This means improved aerobic conditioning, lean muscle build, increased core strength, agility, power, stability, flexibility and balance.

We focus on athletic movements that incorporate all major muscle groups and the tiny stabilizer muscles that give your body shape and definition. SURFSET® will help define your triceps for shapely upper arms, strengthen your obliques for a tight, toned torso, & work your legs in isometric contractions for that long, lean surfer look.The SURFSET® workout method is a fitness program inspired by the sport of Surfing.

Our Fitness Team draws inspiration from the adventurous spirit of Surfing, and each workout is designed to push your limits for ultimate results. SURFSET® focuses heavily on the core, where all of our strength and body control stem from. Anyone who wants to break out of their traditional workout routine and shake things up to start seeing some real results will love SURFSET®. The adjustability of the board and built-in progression of each class makes SURFSET® an awesome class for the true beginner to the extreme athlete.

Is there parking?

Over 14 stalls of parking in the back of the building are available for our shredders as well as plenty of street parking.

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What are some tips for first time shredders?

  • TAKE A SURFSET FOUNDATIONS CLASS- If you’re concerned about injuries or you are nervous to come shred with us, we recommend taking the SURFSET Foundations Class. This class is offered once a month and is designed to get you comfortable on the board and confident in the foundational exercises we do in each class. SURFSET Foundations Class is not mandatory as our instructor team is highly educated and is more than happy to accomodate injuries and provide modifications, just let us know!
  • COME EARLY!!! Arrive at the SRF Shack and check in 15 minutes before class, we want to make sure you get a tour and can walk you through the safety features of the SURFSET board or TRX before we start.
  • HYDRATE- Make sure you have water, you are going to need it! You can fill your water bottle up at the black water cooler located in the back hallway next to the cubbies.
  • SAFETY FIRST- Check your board straps and ensure that there are two straps on either side to increase the stability of your board. This will help you feel more comfortable on the board as you get used to the unique workout!
  • INJURIES- If you have any injuries or areas of concerns please discuss these with the instructor prior to starting your workout. They will provide you with some awesome tips and modifications to increase your enjoyment of the workout and ensure safety.
  • LET GO OF YOUR FEARS- Start to play on the board and get used to the instability, if you bail don’t worry we all do it. It gets wavy out there in the ocean! It’s all part of the experience.
  • GO AT YOUR OWN PACE- This is your workout and do what works for you! We are here to guide you through the workout and challenge you to reach outside your comfort zone. If you need- take a modification, sit out a set, grab a sip of water, or whatever else makes you feel good – Do it!
  • HAVE FUN- Don’t forget to have fun and laugh!
  • RECOMMENDED CLASSES FOR FIRST TIME SHREDDERS- Try out our SRF Foundations (offered once a month), Surf N 6 Pack or Ripped Tide Class to get started!

What is the minimum age requirement to shred it at Studio Revolution Fitness?

The minimum age to participate in a class is 15 years old, we do require a parent or guardian’s signature prior to anyone under 18 joining in a class. AS STUDIO REVOLUTION FITNESS IS AN OPEN CONCEPT STUDIO AND THERE IS NO SEPARATE ROOM FOR CHILDREN WE ASK THAT NO CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 10 ATTEND THE STUDIO WHILE CLASSES ARE TAKING PLACE.

How many classes until I start seeing results?

Every “body” is different, but you will notice a change in your body composition, strength and energy in less than 10 classes. The most pronounced results are firming of the triceps/upper arm & tightening of the core & sides. You will see how quickly your balance & SURFSET® skills improve within 3 classes! We recommend adding 3-4 classes a week to your routine for optimal results. You can burn up to 600 calories per class in our cardio and strength classes. Don’t forget that you are building lean muscle, which accelerates your calorie burn & increases your metabolism throughout the day. So even when you finish class and sit down in the car you are burning more calories than usual. This is why strength training is so beneficial!

What amenities are offered?

At Studio Revolution we are pleased to offer hair products from Bumble and Bumble, Saje deodorants as well as hair dryers and straighteners.

What are the reservation and waitlist policies?

Reservations are only accepted online through Mindbody. If you have reserved a spot online and have not checked in at the reception desk at least 10 minutes prior to class starting, your spot may be given away. Shredder’s who arrive after class has begun will not be allowed entry in to the class to ensure the flow of the session will not be interrupted and to ensure your safety is priority.

What if I need to cancel or I am running late?

When you reserve a spot in a class online you have up to 5 hours prior to class starting to cancel out of a class. Cancellations are only accepted through  Mindbody online. No phone cancellations will be taken.  If you do not cancel your reservation within the allowed time frame or no show and you are an unlimited class pass holder, you will be charged a late cancel fee, which is the cost of a single drop in. If you are a 5, 10 or 20 class pass holder and late cancel or no show, a class will be deducted from your account. Students who arrive after class has begun will not be allowed entry in to the class. 

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