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Personal training with Studio Revolution

We know you have some big goals, we know you are capable of going after them…. let us elevate you and get you there.

Our expert Personal Training team has some of the highest credentials and education around movement, injuries and weight loss. Not to mention…. they are just awesome people.

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What's it like?

Our personal training space is incredibly unique. Feel and hear the energy of a class going on while you are in the privacy of the four walls that make up the intimate boutique personal training room. No need to worry about anyone watching you workout (other than your PT) or fear of being judged when you drop an “F” bomb after that last rep you push through, it’s just you and your PT pal.

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You can do personal training train 1-on-1, with a partner, or in a small group. Talk with us and we'll sort you out!

How does it work? What's included?

Key features of our personal training programs

  • Fitness & Body Composition Testing (Before/After)

    In order to move forward, we need to know where we stand. Our in-house body composition assessment and fitness test is approximately 60 minutes. A skin fold and girth measurement test will be performed as well as a standard fitness test to determine your baseline. During this session your Personal Trainer will address any injuries or imbalances.

  • Customized Program

    After your testing session, your Personal Trainer will design your individualized program based on your goals, needs and injuries. Your Personal Trainer may recommend including classes to compliment your one on one sessions, or suggest an online program you can complete at home.

  • Diverse Choice of Coach

    Find the right coach for you, check out our team page.

  • Nutritional Support

    Fitness is only one component of your revolution. Our in-house Nutrition Expert can help you find the right balance in your diet to increase energy, decrease fat mass and achieve your goals.

  • A Supportive Community

    You don't have to go it alone! Our team is incredibly supportive and so are our clients, we are here to cheer you on every step of the way.

Success Stories

Hear how others liked working with us!

Right from the first time I walked into the studio the entire staff were friendly and welcoming. The atmosphere is always amazing in the studio.

Ashley / Read more ›

My trainer at Studio Revolution was so positive and believed so much in me that rather than feeling demoralized I had no option but to feel uplifted.

Jennifer / Read more ›

I am over 50, so resistance training is crucial to my long term wellness goals. Their approach is getting me the muscles and mindset that I need for optimum health.

Kim / Read more ›

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