ROXY Fitness Canmore

Calling all our surfer babes! Join us in Canmore on August 13 for the next stop on the ROXY Fitness RUN – SUP – YOGA Global Tour. Registration is only $5 per event. You’ll see a lot of familiar faces too, as our very own Mallory Chapman will be MC’ing the event!

“When you get a good group of babes together, there’s nothing better!” Torah Bright, Olympic Gold Medalist

Stand up, focus, and take stride with hundreds of other ROXY girls in Canmore on August 13. In 2015, ROXY launched the #ROXYFITNESS movement boasting over 16,000 participants in 18 countries – a global community of girls coming together to exercise their right to have fun.

For us, the finish line is just the beginning. Click below for ,ore information and to register.

Construction Update

Heads up while getting to the SRF Shack. The 17th Avenue construction is creeping up and 17th Ave. between 1st and 2nd Street is closed. Leave a little extra time before getting to class to make sure you get your board!

We will still be open as the construction makes its way down the Ave. so be sure to book into your favorite class today!

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