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Studio Revolution Fitness - Class Descriptions

SURFSET® Fitness

The SURFSET® workout method is a fitness program inspired by the sport of Surfing. SURFSET® is the world’s most unique workout, combining elements of aerobic fat burning, lean muscle build, and balance & core training in one 45 minute routine on top of a custom made unstable surfboard.

SURFSET Foundations

Whether you’re paddling out for the first time or you’re a SRF shack local, improve and master your foundational SURFSET skills in this 60 minute class.
Our instructor is teamed up with a local health practicioner (physiotherapist or chiropractor) to teach you the skills to safely shred in any SURFSET class with confidence focusing on injuries and proper bio mechanics! Class is offered once a month in the enrollments tab!

Burn it and Build it   Play Video Demo

Interval training at it’s finest. In this super effective workout, you’re going to burn calories and fat while building an amazing core and overall strength! The name says it all.

Surf Salutations   Play Video Demo

Learn all the essential SURFSET® moves in this yoga inspired session. Dedicated yogi’s or first timers are welcome, get ready to take your practice off the floor and onto the surfboard! This class is amazing if you have injuries or if you want a bit of a laid back vibe while still getting an intense workout.

Surf N’ Sweat   Play Video Demo

High impact waves to be expected in this sweaty adventure! WARNING that this class is not for new shredders, attend at least 3 classes before paddling out. This is a fast paced, cardio, plyometric and core focused surf sesh that will get you out of your comfort zone.

Ripped Tide   Play Video Demo

Get surfer strong in this strength training focused session. We really shake it up in this workout by using resistance bands, kettlebells and body weight to build your strength and get that toned lean surfer muscle!

Drop and Pop   Play Video Demo

Drop, pop and lock it to your favourite old school hip hop beats with our live DJ in the studio on the SURFSET® board!

The Shred   Play Video Demo

Paddle, Plank, Pop Up, Repeat! This surf specific workout is geared to increase your core strength, power and get that surf technique on lock down while keeping your heart pumpin’.

Sculpt Salutations

Think of holding long yoga and surf inspired movements on the SURFSET® board using 3-5 lb hand weights….. can you feel the burn just thinking about it? This class is a blend of strength, stretch and balance working your core at all angles.

NEW Advanced SURFSET Class

Ready to up your game on the board? If you’re looking for your next challenge and have been regularly coming to a variety of SURFSET classes for at least one month, check out this advanced class and take your shredding to the next level. Our Coaches will be taking you through a series of technical, progressive and advanced movements you can apply to regular SURFSET classes at SRF that you can work on mastering to the most advanced version before the next advanced class the following month.  Note that this class is $25.00 plus GST and must be purchased as a stand alone pricing option.
Advanced SURFSET Prerequisites:
  • Must have completed at least 10 SURFSET classes
  •  Must be able to complete 60 seconds of burpees without stopping
  • Must be able to complete >10 push ups from toes
  • Must be able to complete >60 seconds in a plank


Get your surfer strong pilate body on while you flow in this hybrid SURFSET class! Take your core strength to a new level in this pilates inspired, one of a kind, gut busting workout.

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TRX Training

Get tight on the TRX! This workout is bound to build muscle and strength by leveraging your bodyweight while being suspended using the TRX in 100’s of different exercises. You’re in total control of how you challenge yourself by adjusting your body position either adding or decreasing body weight. This versatile full body workout is great for anyone looking to be challenged and build serious strength.

Tight with TRX Circuit   Play Video Demo

Get TIGHT on the TRX in this strength focused high intensity interval circuit session! Build insane lean muscle while using the weight of your body as your source of resistance. This is a circuit style class including TRX and whatever other equipment the instructor chooses. Get ready to get TIGHT! Please bring indoor cross training shoes.

NEW Advanced TRX Class

Feeling confident in your skills using the TRX and want to up the ante? Find your next challenge through advanced combinations of exercises on the TRX and discover just how strong you are. Interested participants should be familiar with training on the TRX and have come to TRX classes regularly at the studio. Note that this class is $25.00 plus GST and must be purchased as a stand alone pricing option.

Advanced TRX Prerequisites:

  • Must be able to complete 10 atomic push ups without stopping
  • Must be able to complete 60 seconds of burpees without stopping
  • Must have completed 10 TRX classes
  • Must be able to complete >60 sec plank suspended from the TRX.


Get ready to sweat and sweat hard. This intermediate to advanced circuit class is designed to really push you passed your limitations and boundaries you thought you had, prove yourself wrong and get HIIT.

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