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Ripped Tide

Build your strength and get that toned lean surfer body. Work your balance and core while using resistance bands, kettlebells, hand weights and your body weight on the SURFSET board.

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Burn It and Build It

Interval training at it’s finest. In this high energy and high intensity workout, you’re going to burn calories and fat while building an amazing core and overall strength!

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Tight with TRX

Expect a full 45 minute a$$ whooping in this dynamic strength and cardio class using the TRX and weights or kettlebells.

Revolution HIIT

Circuit training at it's finest, this sweaty session includes circuits of plyometrics, full body strength focused exercises using various equipment.

SRF XPRESS- Surf N’ 6 Pack (Coming May 1st, 2017!)

30 minutes will be more than enough time to feel the burn and reap the benefits in this intensive core and lower body focused class on the SURFSET board.

TRX XPRESS- Lower Body & Core (Coming May 1st, 2017!)

Maximize the benefits and minimize the time you spend doing it. Feel and see results in only 30 minutes in this lower body and core focused TRX class.

TRX XPRESS- Upper Body & Core (Coming May 1st, 2017!)

Spend less time getting the results you're looking for in this jam packed condensed upper body and core strength based TRX class.

TRX Plus (Coming May 1st, 2017!)

Expect a full 45 minute a$$ whooping in this purely strength conditioning class using the TRX and weights or kettlebells.

TRX- Strength & Cardio (Coming May 1st, 2017!)

Our TRX format has minimal rest, a ton of variety, explosive cardio rounds with bouts of strength on and off the TRX using a variety of equipment.

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