Without challenge, there is no change.

Tired of 30 day challenges that push you hard for a period of time in the end your body is beat, your motivation is down and you’re ready to take a hiatus from your workout routine?

At SRF, our wish is that you step outside of the “all or nothing” mindset that has only served you for a short moment in time and shift into a new mindset of the long lasting Revolution. As an incentive Honubelle has teamed up with us to launch a 6 week all-encompassing program  called the Bikini Revolution.

What will it do for me?

The Bikini Revolution will educate you on all aspects of health including fitness, mindset, self care, and nutrition to help you succeed long term.

Living into your fullest potential is the best reward, there is no price tag attached to your health.

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Here is what's included

We've created an action packed program. Easy to stick to, loads of support.

  • Weekly PT

    A weekly session one on one with our expert personal training team.

  • Personalized Program

    An individualized online program that clearly outlines your workouts each week through video access. Complete your program at home or on the road if you are travelling!

  • Group Classes

    Two classes each week to sweat in our SURFSET and TRX classes.

  • Nutrition

    Initial nutrition analysis followed by a weekly nutrition support check over the 6 week challenge.

  • Workshops

    Admission to the Nutrition, Mindset, Motivation workshop.

  • Health Assessment

    Receive a functional assessment from our health practitioner, Dr. Tan to identify any injuries, imbalances and concerns that will be shared with your trainer.

  • Fitness Assessment

    Before and After fitness test and body composition assessment from our personal training team.

  • Accountability

    Access to our private Bikini Revolution mindset and motivation online platform. Reflect and challenge yourself beyond the surface of what might be a barrier for you in achieving your goals.

  • Perks!

    To make the deal sweeter, get 20% off your goal bikini from Honubelle!

  • Prize

    Not that a total life transformation isn't enough, but who doesn't want a new outfit from lululemon? That's right, winner get a new workout top and pants of their choice!

The total value of the entire Bikini Revolution is over $2500

Get it today for $1550 (see how below)  ↓


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We’re in the business of transforming lives. We’ve worked with our community partners to lower the cost of the Bikini Revolution from $2500 to $1550. We have already started our Spring Bikini Revolution Challenge, but stay tuned for upcoming dates!

  • Professional Fitness and body composition assessments
  • Nutrition support
  • Weekly personal training session
  • Custom online training program
  • 2 weekly SURFSET or TRX classes
  • Admission to the Nutrition, Mindset, Motivation workshop
  • Access to our online Bikini Revolution platfor

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