Instructor + Personal Trainer at Studio Revolution

Hi, I'm Rachel.

My love for fitness has been cultivating for years, first through sport, then through intentional work in the gym. In University I competed at a varsity level in wrestling for five years, where I learnt the importance of strength training to not only increase performance on the mat, but also keep my body injury-free.

I found my passion of fitness through sport and began my journey as a fitness professional in 2013.

My extensive background in strength and conditioning grew while earning my degree in Kinesiology. Using opportunities to learn from the best strength coaches during practicums and internships. I have worked in the fitness industry for almost 5 years where I bring experience and high performance background to all fitness levels and exercise histories.

I have been lucky to work with many different clients with different abilities all bringing something different to the table but the same goal of achieving results.


University of Calgary

  • Bachelor of Kinesiology

CanFit Pro 

  • Personal Training Specialist

First Aid/CPR


When I am not sweating in the studio, or inflicting sweat upon others, i am…

You can find me sipping a Pina Colada or getting caught in the rain!


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