Founder of Studio Revolution

Business owner, fitness expert, ex athlete, lululemon ambassador and surfer, my purpose is to inspire women and men all over the world to be fearless, live life freely, fully, and up to your potential.

Hi, I'm Mal.

My love for movement started in my teenage years as a soccer athlete, wakeboarder and snowboarder. Unexpectedly, the Summer heading into Grade 12 I suffered a traumatic neck injury which prevented me from ever returning to the field to play another game. In a flash, everything I loved doing was taken away.

A year later, I was introduced to the sport of surfing and found joy in movement again. Surfing taught me how to see failure as an opportunity, to let go of the uncontrollable, be brave and accept risk for the potential reward, be confident and in the moment. Not to mention, how strong I felt after a good session out in the ocean.


Be your best!

Today, I inspire people in class and in our personal training sessions to overcome what’s stopping them from paddling out and catching the best wave in their lives.

My journey of unlocking people’s potential started as a counsellor in the Criminal Justice system. After a few years of working as a counsellor, I found helping people in this capacity just wasn’t the right calling. I decided to turn my passion for fitness into a profession. I finally decided to pursue my dreams and start my own business in the fitness industry.

Studio Revolution Fitness opened in May 2014. Being a pioneer and true innovator in the fitness industry Studio Revolution Fitness was the first studio in Alberta to launch SURFSET Fitness and give Calgarians a new reason to love movement again and get results.

When I am not sweating in the studio, or inflicting sweat upon others, i am…

On an adventure… river surfing, snowboarding, travelling the world searching for the best waves to ride… Simply loving life.

My surf-spot

My favourite places to surf are Hanalei Bay, Kauai or J-Bay South Africa.

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