Instructor at Studio Revolution

Hi, I'm Krista.

Coming from a background of health and wellness, and then changing careers to the new home industry, I had no idea that my passion for wholistic and healthy living would bring me to where I am now. I had made the decision to step away from my full time sales position to be home with my two little girls, and this really set the stage for where I am right now.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle and helping others achieve their goals is where my heart is…To motivate and encourage people that they can overcome their limitations is what I was made for…. And to be a part of someone’s journey by helping them achieve their goals is my passion. This is who I am, and I feel so honored to walk beside people as they become more than they ever thought possible.

When I am not sweating in the studio, or inflicting sweat upon others, i am…

You can find me laughing and being silly with my little girls and husband, getting sweaty in the spin studio, trying out a new class, or spending time with friends and family.


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