Instructor at Studio Revolution

Hi, I'm Karleen.

Without even realizing it, the love for being active has always been a common theme in my life. I started dancing at a very young age — so young, my mom always said I was dancing in the womb. Naturally, when it came time to find an extracurricular for me, my parents put me in dance at the tender age of 4. I was hooked on competitive dancing throughout junior high and high school. Once in my teens, I had discovered and explored the world of team sports. Straight out of high school I began to teach dance to children and young adults through community youth programs, gradually evolving to pioneer the dance program and teach at my alma mater Bishop Grandin High School.

After finishing my BA in Psychology with distinction from the University of Calgary and spending years in the fashion retail management industry, the love for being constantly active could no longer be ignored. Upon discovering SURFSET at Studio Revolution, I was instantly hooked — it was unlike anything I had ever done, and immediately became a huge challenge way out of my comfort zone that I really wanted to conquer! I am thrilled to be part of the Studio Revolution team as an instructor and cannot wait to share the love of challenge, sweat, and most of all, fun with our amazing city.

“The universe tells us we are exactly where we need to be.”

When I am not sweating in the studio, or inflicting sweat upon others, i am…

Scrolling blogs and IG pages. I freelance as a content creator, so I am constantly looking for visual inspiration and snapping photos. Check me out @karleensamson and you’ll get the gist.


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