Instructor at Studio Revolution

Hi, I'm Jen.

I have always been active, social, high energy, driven, and up for a challenge.  Faced with major personal change in early 2015, I decided to step outside of my comfort zone, travel alone to Costa Rica, and reset at a yoga and surf retreat.  I absolutely fell in love with surfing.

I began SURFSET training at Studio Revolution Fitness in January 2016 to enhance my surfing experience.  The resultant improvements to my athletic performance, physical health, and overall mindset (not to mention the amazing instructors) truly inspired me.  I felt the draw to pursue a more active profession where I could become part of a positive team atmosphere and help people achieve overall wellness within a community of instructors and clients.

I have worked as an engineer in fast paced environments for over 15 years, and due to the economic downturn, was laid off in early 2016.  I decided to make use of my time off, return to school, and turn my love of surf into part of what I like to call work-work balance.

As a single mom in my late thirties, I am on a never ending journey to rediscover and reinvent myself while being a positive role model for my son, demonstrating that it’s never too late to try new things.

Come out and shred with me!!!


When I am not sweating in the studio, or inflicting sweat upon others, i am…

…trying to keep up with my son, nerding out at the office, hanging with friends and family, being active (especially anything water related), hammock dwelling, travelling, painting, listening to music, dancing, and trying new restaurants and recipes.


Try us out. 2-weeks for $45 (all classes)

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