What’s one of the top fitness fads during the summertime? Without fail, obstacle course races or OCR (ie. Spartan and Tough Mudder). Read on as our resident intern, Kayla Chang, shares her obstacle course race training experience at the SRF Shack.

In December 2016, I was convinced to join my family to complete Tough Mudder in Whistler this past June. I was excited for it, but being a full-time student made it challenging to train, as I was always working on projects, or studying, or sleeping… or drinking. Training wise I mostly ran. However, OCR also provided a training manual to follow on their website so I used that as a strength training guide as well. I kept up with my training for the most part up until finals season which was the death of health.

Coming back to Calgary I was out of shape again. I had a month to get my strength and cardio back up to where it was before. I spoke to a local trainer and she told me that high intensity training would be the best way to get into shape quickly, as the races are done in intervals of intensity.  I wanted to get Tough Mudder strong, but wanted to be efficient with my training time. Because I’ve been a client at Studio Revolution, I knew how cardio and upper body intensive their workouts are, I decided this was where I would get the most out of my time.

At Studio Revolution, I went to lots of Surf and Sweat, Burn It and Build It, Drop and Pop, and TRX classes. Most of the SRF classes built up my cardio and leg strength with all the jumping I had to do during the race, and the TRX classes was to help with my upper body strength and grip strength for monkey bars and lifting myself up.

The obstacles Studio Revolution training really helped me with:

  • Funky Monkey – The Revolution
    • TRX training: grip strength
  • Everest 2.0
    • Surf and Sweat: jump squats onto board and quick high knees
  • The Blockness Monster
    • SRF: body surfing and squat to over head presses
  • The Reach Around
    • TRX: All upper body workouts on the hardest incline to mock pulling your weight
  • Birth Canal
    • SRF: all planks (Holy!)
  • Berlin Walls
    • SRF/TRX: any leg work when you “Drop and Pop” on the board and upper body work on the TRX
  • Shawshanked
    • all planks on the SURFSET board

So, for future OCR runners, you might want to consider Studio Revolution training. Their high intensity and strength training program is really beneficial and does work! Also… trail run, I cannot express enough how different trail running and track running are, and I learned the hard way.


Want to see if Studio Revolution can help your OCR performance?
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