We don’t take ourselves all that seriously in the surf shack—you may have noticed! The one exception, however, is how seriously we all take our health and wellness. It’s not all about hammering out a certain number of hardcore workouts each week, reaching a certain load on the squat rack or bench press or never touching a cocktail or a slice of pizza.

For a lot of the SRF ladies you may be surprised to know that it’s actually the exact opposite sometimes (we do love us some pizza! So you better believe we earn it and eat it!). To give you a glance inside the inner workings of our approach to overall health we caught up with all your favourite surf instructors to find out the true “non-negotiables” of their health and wellness routines. These babes don’t just balance on their boards, they seem to take a pretty balanced approach to their lives as well.

“It’s all connected; body, mind, nutrition, health. What I’ve come to realize over the last three years is how important mental, physical and nutritional health is in relation to your overall well being. You can workout for two hours a day, but if you have an imbalance in your mental state, your results will always be marginal. I went from working around the clock, seven days a week, living off of juices and protein bars with 1-3 hours of physical activity a day and less than 6 hours of sleep. I was wrecked in many ways. I now take TWO full days of unplugged rest from my studio and from movement each week. I also honour doing one thing per week for ME. Float, massage, pedicure, lunch with a friend, dinner with my husband, read a book for 30 minutes, whatever that might be to feel like I’m treating myself. I invested in seeing a holistic nutritionist (Annice Elaine Wellness) to address hormonal, digestion issues and eating habits. This combination of non-negotiable efforts keeps me feeling my best.” ~ Mallory 

“Movement at least once a day for at least 20 minutes. Whether it’s walking to the grocery store, teaching or a taking a class, I’ve learned I need some physical activity EVERY DAY!!!” ~Rachel

“I’m not the most consistent person, so nothing is set in stone for me. Anything I do I love, though, I share with others because having a social aspect is so critical for me. The older I get the more I realize that certain things like sleep, healthy eating and fun times are what make me feel the best, so I guess I do my best to focus on those areas.” ~Diana

“Mountain time, coffee, chocolate, some form of dance/kickboxing, AND surfset!” ~Ashley

“4L of water every day, Physical activity a minimum of three to four times a week (otherwise I feel like a slug!) and pizza at least once a month. Seriously! Work hard, play hard, eat the pizza!” ~Liezanne

“Since coming back from the Philippines and missing it so much, I’ve tried to keep the same routine we did back home. Sleeping early so I can wake up early and take the time to have breakfast at home and at the table.” ~Kerby

“No soda on the weekdays, always moisturize RIGHT after your shower and doing at least two SurfSet classes per week mixed with a spin/boxing class for that extra cardio kick!” ~Steph

“Being active every day, getting massages and visiting my chiropractor.” ~Krista

“Sleep. Hands down! Also Muscle Melt body butter and the Immune remedy by Saje. When you’re active and on-the-go at all times, there is no time for muscles to be sore, or for your body to get sick!” ~Trish

“Cheat meal! I eat well, but science says if you deprive yourself too much then it’s very easy to fail. When I want a cookie, I enjoy it and I don’t feel bad. I just get right back on track.” ~Adrianna

“An egg-based breakfast and a kale smoothie every day.” ~Julia

“Moisturizer and eye cream erryday. Being active is a given, so making sure I have adequate rest time weekly. Scheduling a date with myself, a date with my husband, and a date with a friend/family member weekly” ~Karleen

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