We totally get it and have been in your shoes at one point, SURFSET can be intimidating and a complex piece of equipment to get used to. When we first opened in 2014 we had to start from scratch just like you. That’s why we have a monthly SURFSET Foundations class to make sure you are doing the foundational movements with the best form possible. Our experts work directly with you to correct form, manage injuries and help you get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

This months SURFSET Foundations class is extra special as our SRF movement expert Aelita Rozitis who has an extensive background in Yoga, Group Fitness and Nutrition is teaming up with Marjorie Walker; Physiotherapist and a student of Osteopathic Manual Therapy at CCST (Complete Chiro and Sports Therapy).

Marjorie is excited to reconnect with the community here in Calgary, and to help with our Surfset Foundations class. Marjorie is a New Zealand graduate of Physiotherapy and decided to migrate back to Canada after working along the Gold Coast in Australia. Crazy, I know.  I guess this is a little piece of the beach bum life that she misses.

Marjorie has previous experience teaching Clinical Reformer Pilates down in Australia, so she is very excited to be assisting you all as you focus on proper form and biomechanics.

Having a strong foundation in ANY movement is key not only for injury prevention or management but also to get the most out of your sweaty session. Perfect your pop up, duck dive, plank, lunge, squat and more in our SURFSET Foundations class on Friday March 24th at 6:30 pm, sign up by clicking here. This class is great for new shredders or regulars who are working on building on their form. Sign up now as spots are limited!

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