Looking for a new cross training routine as you get race season ready? Spring is around the corner and we would love to help you get stronger and work on injury prevention before you hit the pavement!

Studio Revolution Fitness (SRF) has been making waves in YYC for almost three years, in which we have impacted a number of clients who hit the SURFSET board to shake up their training routine. What we have been able to give all of our clients is not just a great sweat but a host of important skills and new strengths that you can only get from our unique programming and workouts at SRF.

At SRF, we are proud to say that we offer a variety of classes that are designed to improve the performance of endurance athletes through increasing core strength and working on balance. SRF offers an abundance of SURFSET,  TRX, HIIT and Rolling classes. Through SURFSET we are able to get people moving in a different way. We work on stabilizing muscles around the ankles, knees, hips and of course core. Our classes combine lateral and linear movements, compound and singular as well as body weight and weighted exercises. Exactly what runners, triathletes and ironmen and women should be working on to gain strength in the right places to avoid injury.

Mallory Chapman, owner of SRF did her first 70.3 Ironman race in the Summer of 2016 and shaved off over an hour in her finishing time with her cross training routine at SRF.

What Benefits can SURFSET offer to runners specifically?SRF x MissBish-007

  • Knee and Ankle stability, decreasing the likelihood of sprained or strained ligaments/muscles around the joints
  • Increased proprioception through balance training
  • Decrease in repetitive motion, replacing one run with a SURFSET class could mean 5-20 km of less movement in a linear motion.
    • In Class we train in all planes, challenging the body to move in new challenging ways. This is beneficial because it can:
    • Decrease the likelihood of an overuse injury
    • Strengthen the opposing muscle groups used in running
    • Make for a more forcible stride as all muscles are becoming stronger
  • SURFSET classes incorporate core series into every class, as well the core is consistently engaged when it is stabilizing the body on the unstable surface of the board
  • Short, high intensity bouts of effort have been shown to increase cardiovascular (VO2 Max) in many runners. This style of training although counterintuitive has many benefits for the endurance runner

As you can see we are so passionate about the many assets SURFSET has to offer and we would love to share that with our community of active and like minded people!

To learn more about Studio Revolution and the classes we offer visit http://www.studiorevolution.caDSC_6851


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