Julia Barnes, the incredibly talented CEO of Honubelle, bikini designer, amazing mom of two, loving wife, killer SRF instructor, sexy strong sister that shreds…. the list can go on forever. This woman is one hell of an inspiration to our community and someone you need to get to know. Get inspired by Julia’s story and how she finds balance in her incredibly busy life.

How do you find balance as a mom, designer, business owner, active community member in the SRF scene, and an instructor at SRF?

“I don’t want to pretend that I am a superhero, because that’s far from the truth. Somedays I find it impossible to balance all of that and those days I need to reset, come back to basics. I have to prioritize my tasks in a way that every hour of the day is assigned for a specific role or task, that way I can keep focused. Being a mom is the most important role every day, but all the other parts bring a very important balance to my life. Being an instructor at SRF has been one of the most amazing experiences for me, the people that come to my class are my motivators and inspire me to push myself more”.
What gets you up every morning and excited?
“I love getting up early before everyone else in the house awakens. I get excited about being creative every day, whether it’s creative thinking about my business, or thinking up/creating new designs or writing a new class plan. I love driving forward and working hard, that way I can count my achievements at the end of each day”.
Favourite place to surf or travel, who’s your biggest inspiration? 
“My favourite place to surf must be Tofino and the East coast of New Zealand. Although, I love to travel to Maui the most, because it is a windsurfer’s and surfer’s paradise. You get the consistent tropical trade-winds in the summer months and big swell in the winter – I’m feeling euphoria just thinking about it. ;)”
“I have a few people in my life that I look up to, but my biggest inspiration must be the Moreno twins. I’ve idealized these 2 women since I was a teenager, they charge harder then some men in the professional windsurfing world, they are fearless and true athletes. Their love for the ocean is apparent as they are 26x PWA Windsurf World Champions, now also competing in Stand Up Paddle boarding and they love surfing in their leisure time”.
How do you stay looking so incredibly fit, tell us about your routine?Honubelle_Test_Shoot_Small_4
“Ah, thank you! 🙂 Studio Revolution Fitness certainly has a lot to do with it. I love to live an active lifestyle, playing outside on the water in the summer and in the mountains during the winter months. I complement this with surfset or TRX classes at SRF and sometimes throw in an at-home workout”.
When you feel like quitting, what keeps you pushing forward? 
“Remembering why I started in the first place, which is also the motto of Studio Revolution Fitness, and following that true passion, while sticking to my values”.
What was the inspiration that led you to start your successful Honubelle swimwear company?
” It was my desire to lead the ocean sports lifestyle crossed with my dream to design/create surf fashion. Seeing all the Maui babes rock their cheekies and look so graceful and strong on their boards was the inspiration behind creating Honubelle swimwear line”.
If there is one thing you wish every woman would embrace what would that be?
“I think the number one thing that makes a woman sexy is her confidence. The ocean naturally brings it out, because you need to be courageous to be able to go play in it. I want every woman to feel this connection with the ocean, I want them to realize their power and assurance that they are beautiful, graceful and strong”.
Check out Julia’s amazingly sexy bikini line that is turning heads and helping women embrace their most confident selves. Try them on at Studio Revolution Fitness or purchase online. You can also find Julia teaching a killer class at Studio Revolution Fitness on Monday’s at 4:30 pm or Thursday’s at 6:15 am in our surf inspired cardio/strength class called “the shred”. She will no doubt leave you feeling inspired and like you were transported on an amazing sweaty surf escape.
-photo credit  Carson Tofin Photography
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