We get how hard it s to find balance as a mom. Our resident SRF (Studio Revolution Fitness) mom’s empower and challenge women everyday to shake up their routine and get in a fun, surf inspired sweat in just 45 minutes. SURFSET and TRX are two workout methods that really focus on giving women just like you those #surferstrong upper bodies and core muscles that typically need to be built back up after having a baby. Have you seen what a surfer babes body looks like? Look at Bethany Hamilton (Pro Surfer) after having a baby, seriously…. #lifegoals. Not only are our workouts incredibly functional, but they are super fun and unique EVERY class. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and into the supportive community that SRF offers.

Welcome to the momshell project

Studio Revolution Fitness invites YOU and your yummy mommy squad to join us for any 9:30-10:15 am, noon, or 7:45 pm weekday class and be part of the Momshell Project. We’ve specifically made a class pass to cater to you whether your a new mom and late classes work better for you, or you’re a working mom and can only sweat at noon or after bedtime, or your little ones are at pre-school and you’ve got an hour to sweat it out mid morning.
The Momshell Project is our effort to gifting the kickass mom’s of our city who really want to get their confidence back up, their body strong again and want to be part of a supportive community. The Momshell project entails a 10 class pass to Studio Revolution Fitness limited to  the 9:30-10:15 am, noon and 7:45 pm classes for only $150.00 + gst (that’s $15.00 a class!). We recommend starting with two classes a week to kickstart your new fitness routine. In five weeks of just two classes a week you will absolutely notice a difference in your body and your mindset.

Why SRF?

Our SRF shack team creates an experience beyond what any other studio can offer. We’re a supportive community of inspiring women who are committed to empowering you to crush your goals. SRF has the most credible and experienced instructor team with a focus on not just giving you a fun, sweaty 45 minutes but make sure you are safe and that injuries are being accounted for in class. Post pregnancy limitations or injuries happen and we’d love to support you in getting back into the routine. Only 12 shredders are allowed in each class, so you can expect to be taken care of feel part of the family.

What Classes Should I Try First?

SURFSET CLASSES: We recommend starting with Surfilates and Ripped Tide! Surfilates is a unique class combining the core work in a pilates workout with the fun surf inspired intervals. Ripped Tide is our strength conditioning class, expect to feel those beach biceps and bikini booties burn! They are a little slower in pace but give you the time you need to get used to the unstable surfboard.
TRX: If you’ve never tried a TRX class, you can expect to feel muscles you didn’t know existed. Our TRX classes combine strength and cardio work using up to your full body weight for resistance.
Where: Studio Revolution Fitness (313 17th ave S.W), tons of free parking behind the studio off of 18th ave s.w. Between 2nd and 4th st.
When: Sign up today and come to any 9:30 am, noon or 7:45 pm SURFSET or TRX class (this pass is limited to ONLY these classes on the SRF schedule).  Click here to see our schedule online. 

How: Share this email with your hot momma network and buy your pass now by

Start moving differently momshells and start seeing real results

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