If you’ve made it in for a shred sess during September, you are likely well acquainted with the addition of a few little round red, white and blue friends in class. No, we haven’t introduced a slew of patriotic Americans, but rather a basket full of therapeutic foam balls to help warm up your feet at the start of class and really get into those glutes, hams and hips at the end.

Well there’s more to these little tools than meets the eye.  Rolling, whether it’s with a foam roller or a ball, has incredible benefits for both injury prevention and rehabilitation. A lot of people neglect the connective tissues and fascia in their bodies and that can lead to misalignments and compensation patterns that can result in serious issues when compounded over time. It’s for this reason that we are not only introducing rolling into our regular class structure, but also launching a class fully dedicated to the practice. So many of you have said that you love the benefits of doing it, but that you just don’t make it a priority in your fitness routine. Now you’ll be able to schedule a full 45 minutes worth of self-care into your week and be led through all the right moves to cure what’s ailing you!“Physically, rolling helps me open up into areas that are stubborn and chronically tight. I can get in deeper to the areas I’m feeling ‘stuck” that stretching or a foam roller won’t release,” explains SRF founder, Mallory Chapman.  “I feel more in tune and more aware of my body if I roll before working out. Mentally, rolling grounds me, helps me practice the power of the mind and helps me sleep. Self care is just as important as the banger workouts we give!”

The SRF Rollax Class kicks off Wednesday nights from 8:45pm-9:30pm starting on November 16th and will run until December 21st. Space is limited so make sure to reserve your spot—your muscles and joints will thank you!

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