Injuries suck, there is no way around that. They are painful, annoying and make us feel like we have to take a big step back in our training goals. Although it is true that many injuries will leave us with some limitation as to what exercises or intensities we can work at,

they don’t have to mean stopping work outs, or giving up on goals.

Injuries can act as a great way to get to know our bodies and some of its limits. You may have been hurt while training which can show you weakness in important areas. It can make you reconsider how hard you are pushing a chronic injury or how doing too much of the same thing (exercise, muscle group overuse, intensity, etc) can be harmful.

You can learn a lot from having to take a step back and look at why you may have gotten injured. Were you trying to do a heavy lift without packing a strong core? Were you ignoring joint pain, while pushing through a hard set? Maybe you skipped out on giving yourself one rest day.

When an injury does occur don’t be upset that your membership will now go to waste. With the careful guidance of a great coach, heading back to the gym can be the perfect place to rehab that injury and prevent any new ones from happening. Use this time to try working with a personal trainer, he/she will be able to modify all workouts as well as design a training program that can include recommended strength exercises from your physio or preferred practitioner. This can also serve as an opportunity to learn new techniques, focus on lighter weight- but perfect form, and a time to broaden your exercise horizons.

So if you are hurt now, or if you come accross an injury in the future (fingers crossed this isn’t the case!) don’t let this new challenge get you down. An injury, although a bump in your training path, does not have to be a roadblock. Use it to get to know your body, learn from a scope of health and fitness professionals and protect yourself from potential injuries in the future.

Studio Revolution Fitness offers great private personal training packages! What sets us apart is our highly qualified Personal Training team and the closed quarters environment. You and your trainer are the only ones in the space so you can focus on what you’re doing without having the creeper in the corner try to rip off your workout. SRF offers flexible pricing options to fit your needs and everything from individual one on one sessions or train with a friend and double up. For more information visit our PT page on our website. 

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