Can’t make it down to the SRF shack for a class or a personal training session? Life gets hectic, we get it. If you are tired of fiddling around with spreadsheets, searching instagram for a workout of the day, or racking your brain on how to get your body moving on your own, we’ve found an ideal solution: FITBOT. A simple click of a button on your phone or laptop and you can access your very own personalized workout program wherever your busy life has taken you.

In a nutshell, FITBOT helps us to help you reach your fitness goals in record time with increased ease, by allowing you to get your sweat sesh in at any time, from anywhere. It also allows us to keep the lines of communication between you and your trainer wide open should anything come up that you need a hand with.

How is this different from the Nike training app? First off you are connected to a REAL personal fave from the SRF shack, that’s right one of the personal trainers here at Studio Revolution Fitness is designing your personal program just for you. We can tailor programs specifically for injuries, lofty strength or weight loss goals or simply just maintain what you have (see below for an example of the video’s you might see in your program).

Every workout is designed by one of our in house SRF shack Personal Trainers. You can choose between a fully customized program based on your needs and goals or for maintenance, sign up for a general program. There is an email waiting in your inbox for you every day with a summary of what your plan for the day will entail. You have the opportunity to write back with your thoughts and feedback on each workout to help your trainer create your future sessions and modify if needed. The workouts themselves come with handy instructional videos to ensure you are using the proper form to reap the best results.

Accountability is more than half the battle with most fitness regimes, but with FITBOT, it’s a breeze. Your Personal Trainer receives a notification when you didn’t complete your workout and will gladly follow up with you to ensure you stay on track.  FITBOT is a bit of a tattle-tale in that way, but it’s for your own good!

FITBOT is a great way to compliment your existing PT or class schedule or use this platform as a way to stay healthy while you’re away from the SRF shack.

Curious to learn more? Fill out an inquiry form by clicking here or give us a call at 403-719-3488. We can get you all set up to reach your goals no matter what your travel schedule looks like heading into fall.

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