Down 7 lbs, lost 4.5% in body fat, a total of 24.5 mm difference in her body fat test and a total loss of 10 inches in her girth measurements post Bikini Revolution. DAAAMMNNNNN!We started out the Bikini Revolution on May 23rd with the sentiment that “Without challenge, there is no change.” Well, six weeks later, when everything was said and done, there was plenty of challenge and plenty of change to behold. Just ask the winner of the grand prize (and snazzy new Lululemon ensemble) was none other than 29-year-old MRI Technologist and WestJet Guest Service Ambassador, Cara Day! Attending classes since last August, Cara had been a Studio Rev regular for almost a year when she decided to take on the BR challenge. She was looking to gain strength, tighten up and maybe even tackle the oft-daunting pull-up—and boy did she ever! We caught up with Cara to get her insights into the whole experience and what learnings she will be taking forwards with her into her everyday life. Congrats, Cara, you absolutely nailed it and we couldn’t be more proud!


How often do you make it into Studio Rev and  what’s your favourite style of class?

I try to go three times a week, but it depends on my schedule. I do shift work and having two jobs, sometimes it’s difficult to go as much as I would like to. My favourite class is TRX. For the surfset classes I really like Ripped Tide and Burn it & Build it. I prefer the strength-based classes over cardio.

I also play hockey in both winter and spring/summer leagues. I try to get out golfing in the summer and go snowboarding in the winter. This summer I’ll be sparing for an ultimate frisbee and slo-pitch team. I also try to go to spin classes when my schedule allows.

What inspired you to sign up for Bikini Revolution?

I had read through everything and was thinking about doing the challenge, but it was talking to Mallory about it and how psyched she was about the process that encouraged me to join.

What were you hoping to get out of the program?

I wanted to gain more strength and slim down. My goal was to be able to do a chin up. A little bit of a lofty goal for 6 weeks since I wasn’t even close to being able to do one.  I also wanted to try to have a better diet.

Talk to me about the experience itself. What was it like committing yourself to this routine?

I think I signed up a couple of days before the challenge started. I’m used to having to switch my schedule every six weeks with the airport job, so it wasn’t actually too bad trying to plan everything. Once I signed up for the challenge I had my calendar out with my work schedule and I just began to plan what days I could go to Studio Revolution for my personal training sessions. Then I’d schedule my TRX or surfset classes. The at home workouts were great when I didn’t have time to go to the studio. I tried to do the juice cleanse when I wasn’t working for energy reasons. I missed one of the seminars since I was away camping for a bachelorette party, but I also gave up alcohol for this 6 weeks— just a challenge I wanted to give myself. Overall, it was very rewarding to commit to such a structured program and the results followed the plan.

What has changed or what have you learned during this six week commitment to your health?

I actually can’t believe how much my body has changed in the six weeks. Since I was eating better, I didn’t feel bloated.

Did you learn or gain anything that you will be taking forward with you in your healthy lifestyle journey?

I will definitely keep doing my workouts. Maybe not six times a week like I was, but at least four days. I’ll keep trying to eat better. Discussing my nutrition with Rachel at the beginning of Bikini Revolution and seeing how I needed to eat more protein and veggies was eye opening. Eating whole foods instead of getting protein from powder or bars—that’s something I will continue. Meal prep days really help with not going to grab fast food when I don’t have time. I know I won’t always be able to stick to this, but it’s about making healthier choices when I do go out for food.

How was your Bikini Revolution experience overall? Worth the effort?

I loved how encouraging everyone was at Studio Revolution. Throughout the challenge when I would walk in they would say how great I was looking. It really helped me since I couldn’t see the changes myself and they motivated me to keep going!

I’m really glad that last summer I decided to give Studio Revolution a try with their 2 week intro pass. I have loved it ever since! I wasn’t into going to a gym so I was looking for something else to do for my workouts. The classes are intense but I absolutely love them!

Possibly best of all, this challenge gave me more confidence to put on a Honubelle bikini! I love the one I picked out! So worth it.

Interested in making a revolution in your life? Join us in October for our second Bikini Revolution Challenge! Stay tuned for more details by visiting our website in September and joining our newsletter and instagram (@yycstudiorevolution)!


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