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FITBOT- Now available at SRF

Don’t let 10 days of cowboys, banquet beers, and mini doughnuts derail your fitness routine. How? 30 minute quick hitters – you can do right at home, in your hotel , anywhere – that’s how! Meet our newest program offered through our SRF shack…. FITBOT.

FITBOT… NO it’s not a robot personal trainer, NO it’s not a work out hologram. FITBOT is an online workout platform designed to take our highly qualified personal trainer’s workouts into your home, gym, local park, or vacation destination! It allows the instructors and personal trainers you already know and love to input both group/universal and individualized programs into one common platform you can access anywhere, anytime!

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SRF’s goal is to ensure our community can stay fit, healthy, and active through Stampede, summer vacations, work trips, limited schedules, and anything else life throws your way! The greatest gift we can give our clients is the knowledge and motivation to continue their joy for movement, even outside of the studio.

How much is the FITBOT Stampede program? $40 + GST which includes 8 workouts, 30 minutes each. How do I sign up? Visit our mindbody page and visit our “Online Store” tab, go to the “Services” tab, and select FITBOT Programs to purchase your program today!

After Stampede comes Summer. If you’re still struggling to come sweat with us in the studio, continue on using FITBOT either on a personalized level or another 4 week program.

Questions? Reach out to Steph at


SRF Shack Team

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