“Without challenge, there is no change”. The statement couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to getting out of your comfort zone both mentally and physically to reach your optimum. HOWEVER, we see a lot of challenges in our community that push you hard for a period of time and at the end of the 30 days (or more!) your body is beat, your motivation is down and you’re ready to take a hiatus from your workout routine. All counter productive to what your goal was in the first place and short lived.

At SRF, our wish is that you step outside of the “all or nothing” mindset that has only served you for a short moment in time and shift into a new mindset of the long lasting Revolution. As an incentive Honubelle has teamed up with us to launch a 6 week holistic program is called the Bikini Revolution and will be launched on May 23rd until June 27th, 2016.

This isn’t a quick fix, or a one dimensional look at your health. The Bikini Revolution is an opportunity for you to gain education from all aspects of health including fitness, mindset, self care, and nutrition to help you succeed long term not just for the summer. In the 6 Week Bikini Revolution you’ll receive the following:

  • A weekly session one on one with our personal training team
  • An individualized virtual training program that clearly outlines your workouts each week, some that you can do on your own accessible to you on your phone or desktop loaded with how to video’s and accountability! If you miss your workout your trainer gets a text and will remind you to stay on track or help you get through the hump
  • Two classes each week to sweat in our SURFSET and TRX classes (total of 12)
  • Guided nutrition support over the 6 week program
  • Admission to 3 workshops at SRF around Nutrition, Mindset, Motivation and more!
  • One (1) day juice cleanse per week
  • Receive a functional assessment from our health practitioner to identify any injuries, imbalances and concerns that will be shared with your trainer
  • Fitness assessments from our personal training team
The program is designed to give you the tools and ultimately the results you’ve been wanting all along with a well rounded approach to wellness. As an incentive and motivation we encourage you to pick up your goal Honueblle bikini or piece (maybe you want to focus more on abs, or focus more on the booty). Dude’s are welcome you’ll  just have to find a great pair or board shorts as a little extra motivation!
To make the deal sweeter Lululemon will be gifting the winner of the Revolution program with a full outfit (men or women’s!) at the end.
How do I win the Bikini Revolution? Our intention is for you to walk away inspired to live a better quality of life long term, if you commit to this program technically you’re a winner. In terms of winning the grand prize of a new kit from Lululemon, to qualify participants in the challenge who have displayed the most dedication to the entire program will be in the finals and from there the participant who lost the highest percentage of inches post Bikini Revolution in comparison to the pre Bikini Revolution measurement in inches will be selected as the winner.
The value of the Bikini Revolution is over $2,500.00, we are offering 15 lucky participants a spot in the program for only $1,800.00 plus gst. for the entire 6 weeks with all the elements listed above included. Living into your fullest potential is the best reward, there is no price tag attached to your health. We look forward to inspiring, igniting and innovating with you soon! Sign up by going to the online store in your SRF minbody account, go to the contracts/packages tab and select the Bikini Revolution package.
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