With our second birthday rapidly approaching on April 6th, we can definitively say one thing: There was nothing terrible about our twos and it’s all thanks to you guys!

None of what we have achieved over the past two years would have been possible without our awesome surf community’s openness to adventure, vulnerability and determination to conquer a new challenge.

It’s not easy committing to a fitness routine, let alone one that puts you out of your comfort zone and looks super intimidating at first glance. “I can honestly say it’s been two of the most rewarding and inspiring years of my life,” says founder, Mal Chapman. “ To be a part of our shredders’ journeys has been so incredible. Seeing the progress, the smiles on their faces when they leave and the community we’ve built, I’m just so proud of what we’ve created.” Thank you YYC for shredding with us and giving us the honor to be a part of your already amazing lives!

We caught up with some of our regular shredders to get their thoughts on the past two years and how paddling out and popping up has impacted their fitness routines and overall well being for the better. Reading through their words was the best birthday present we could have asked for.

To celebrate our second birthday, we are going to do what we do best…. make you sweat! Join us on Saturday, April 9th at 4:00 pm at Confluence Plaza on St. Patrick’s Island in the East Village for a FREE sweat sesh followed by door prizes and treats! Thank you YYC for an amazing two years! Sign up on our mindbody account to reserve your spot and remember to bring your own mat!

“A friend challenged me to a class at Studio Revolution shortly after it and I’ve been hooked ever since! I’ve taken classes at a lot of different studios in the city, but nothing compares to Studio Revolution. It’s such an incredible full body workout, whether it’s the surfset or TRX classes. I enjoy a lot of different sports, and the strength and conditioning I’ve built on at Studio Rev have helped to to excel and stay strong and injury free! I even attended my first surf camp this winter, and all of the pre-trip surfset paddling, pop-ups (and even duck dives!) paid off. The staff at the studio are so friendly and encouraging, and I’m lucky to call some of them my friends.” ~Viesha Ciura

“Being a regular at the Studio Revolution Fitness has improved my life in many positive ways, it has: increased my strength, enhanced my endurance, and improved my balance, but more importantly, I have benefitted from the community at the studio. Each instructor is motivating and supportive of everyone’s unique fitness goals while promoting a safe and comfortable environment for all. It is refreshing to be a part of a community where you feel equally invested in your own results and those of your fellow regulars. For these reasons, I am happy to have found my fitness home.” ~Sarah Muir

“I am so grateful that Mallory and her team take injuries very seriously and they work with you to ensure that firstly, you are still able to come to the studio, and secondly, that you are able to do the exercises in a safe manner with appropriate modifications to ensure an effective workout.

I attended the first Abundance Workshop which was influential in catapulting me to a place where I am moving forward in a career transformation.

Studio Revolution is not just an exercise studio focusing on core, balance and strength of the body, but the instructors and the community really want to see you excel in a strong balance between your mind, body and spirit, while in a strong community environment.” ~Maya Owen

“The first time I was introduced to studio revolution I had bumped into a friend I went to school with 5 years earlier and the first thing I thought when I saw her was, ‘wow, she looks unreal.’ After chatting with her for a few minutes I had asked her what the hell she was doing, because whatever it was I needed to do it too! She told me she started going to Surf Set classes and went on about how it was all core work and it was so hard, but so good and she was losing weight like crazy. Being that we were at the bar, I forgot about this conversation for a while after that ,until I drove past Studio Revolution a few times. After a while, I decided I would give the two week trial a shot, because even if I went a few times I was going to get my money’s worth. After my first class, I was hooked. I left sore and exhausted and couldn’t wait for my next class. It’s been months since my first class at Studio Revolution and I still feel the same way after every visit.

Since I started attending regularly, I believe I have become a stronger person both mentally and physically. I used to be the kind of person who would schedule my workouts around my busy schedule. I dreaded having to spend an hour of my day in a gym, tired, doing a workout I found off Pinterest on my car ride over. I hated it. I either always talked myself out of going or pouted about being there.

I was hooked after my first class at Studio Revolution because it took all of that stress out of having to plan your workouts—you just have to do is show up!

I would tell myself that even if I go and just use a light weight or do the modified ‘easy’ way it’s better than nothing . Of course, I would get there and grab a baby weight and try not to look out of the corner or my eye so I didn’t see my instructor giving me the ” Leah are you serious? Put that down and take something heavier ” I was always pushed, then I started realizing I was stronger than I thought I was and it became so exciting to me to start pushing myself.

I went from telling myself just show up and half-ass it, to scheduling everything else I have to do in my day or week around my workouts. They now take top priority. It’s unbelievable how everything in your day changes in 45 minutes. Studio Revolution is my escape. It’s 45 minutes I get to be away from my phone , I don’t have to think about work, I forget about my to-do list and just focus on ME. Nothing has made me happier than not only seeing changes in my body but also in my mood and the confidence I have in myself.” ~Leak Kitts

“ I credit Studio Revolution with getting me to, easily, the most strong and fit I have ever been. I have always been an athletic and competitive person, with backgrounds in both competitive figure skating and basketball, so I was no stranger to sweating it out! Before Studio Rev, my workouts were primarily cardio based; I did a lot of long distance running and spin classes. I still enjoy those workouts as well, but the results I have seen from attending Studio Rev on a regular basis are markedly superior. I have never felt as strong as I do right now. Despite that, the best thing about Studio Rev isn’t even how great I feel, physically. The best part is how wonderful the team is, how positive and inspiring the instructors are and how good it feels to be a part of such a lovely little fit fam. I personally love that there is a cancellation fee, because for me that means when I sign up I commit to attending. TRX Tuesdays are just part of my life now, and the class is killer but I continue to be amazed at how much I look forward to all of the Studio Rev classes I sign up for. I originally committed to Studio Rev in an effort to get into better shape for my wedding, but have and will continue to sweat it out with the Studio Rev team for years to come.” ~Brett Stuart

“Studio Revolution got on my radar back in April 2014, they were opening up just down the street from where I worked at the time. I was super intrigued by all the surfboards you could see through the windows. Then one day Mallory came into my work place with flyers for the studio. I remember one of the lines in the flyer was “Come get the lean surfer body you always wanted.” I thought “Sure!” The first week of May I walked in and bought an intro pass and have been coming ever since.

Studio Revolution makes fitness and exercise fun. I am not one of those people who enjoys working out, but I love going to Studio Revolution. I’ve never been a ‘gym’ person, I do three push ups and decide I’m tired. But with the group atmosphere and the instructors pushing you to do your best, I learned I’m capable of doing a lot more than I thought was possible.” ~Travis Anderson

“My wife Krista was always more into fitness than I have been. She was the one who tried the studio first. She came home after her first class and told me I would love it. She then promptly signed me up for the 2 week introduction pass. That was back in November 2014, and I have been hooked ever since.

I have never been a fitness/exercise guy. I didn’t enjoy the gym nor could I find anything that I could stick with. I thought that playing hockey or slow pitch once a week was enough physical activity to keep me in shape. I was wrong. After breaking my femur in December 2012 and not able to do much physical activity for close to two years, I got up to 217 pounds. My confidence was low, I needed to finally do something instead of just complaining to my wife about my weight. Finally I have found something that I absolutely love. Over the past few years, with the studio’s help, I have lost 42 pounds and I am in the best shape of my life. The studio really has had a huge impact on my life. I feel so much more confident, healthier, and stronger than I ever have.” ~Ethan McLeod

“I saw a picture on Instagram of a friend trying out a class and went to my first class in the fall of 2014. I loved it so much that I took my husband to a class the next day and we have been going ever since.

Studio Rev has impacted my fitness regime by making workouts fun and incredibly challenging. I love that each day, each class with each instructor is so different. You will never get the same class twice. I love the variety of classes and class times and I love the burn and accomplishment I feel after the classes.

Studio Rev is a family that I feel honoured to be a part of in some small way. There is always a smiling face to greet you when you walk in and they always seem happy to see you which is very different than some other studios in the city—they have a great culture. I am the most fit I have been in my whole life and owe that to Studio Rev and their fantastic instructors. We are always excited to bring friends and family in to try a class and Studio Rev never disappoints. We just love that place and are incredibly honoured to be their first ambassadors. Congrats to them on the two year anniversary! Can’t wait for many more.” ~Krista McLeod

“For the past six months, I have been working towards my goal of getting beach body ready in time for my destination wedding! Studio Rev has absolutely helped me reach my goal. The instructors are great motivators and the positive energy in the studio is contagious. I love how the workouts target every muscle, with an effective mix of strength and cardio. I’m in the best shape in my life and I have to thank Studio Rev for helping me on this journey!” ~Adrian Treeshin

“I have never looked forward to working out, but now I do. It’s something that works for me. I come because it’s challenging, a FUN atmosphere and makes me feel stronger than my husband. I beat him at cardio for once!” ~Kristine Samonte

“I have never experienced a fitness class where I am excited to go, enjoy it while I’m there (even though it’s tough as hell), and I feel the pain for days after (in a good way ,of course!).  Since attending Studio Rev, I cancelled my gym membership, as I found I wasn’t getting same the enjoyment or the results as I do at a Studio Rev class.  The customer experience is amazing as soon as you walk in the door— I am always amazed how the teachers know and remember your name throughout the whole class—it motivates you to push yourself to try harder!” ~Kelsey Williams

“I started my Studio Rev addiction October 2014. A few months previous, while away working, one of my summer students said she had been to a place where you work out on a surfboard. She had one of the toughest workouts ever! So naturally I had to try it.

My previous fitness regime was anything but exciting or motivating. Treadmill. Elliptical. 45 minutes. Then home I would go.

Now. I work out at least six times a week. The tougher the better! I am now extremely motivated to be stronger, faster, better in every way. Life for me has completely changed. There is no going back now.

My eating has improved. My health has improved. My attitude has improved. Though some may disagree with that last one…

Every class I attend is fun and exciting and extremely challenging. Instructors know my strengths and weaknesses, they will always push me to improve to be the very best version of myself. I can’t say thank you enough to everyone involved in my journey at Studio Rev.” ~Tracey Stein

“In the spring of 2015, I was in a rut. No motivation to spend hours in a traditional gym, I needed something new that was convenient and result orientated. Studio Revolution filled that void, after the first class I was hooked.

Studio Revolution has provided a high quality workout within a small amount of time, at a reasonable price. The instructors are the reason I keep going, they are passionate, professional and determined to make every workout a new experience. I have never had the same workout twice.” ~Brent Ansorger


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