2016 is the year of busting through the myths and excuses that stand in the way of people getting their cute little butts onto a Studio Rev surfboard. One of the main myths we hear is that a dynamic workout like Surfset isn’t suitable for someone rehabbing an injury—or even for people who aren’t already at a fairly advanced level of fitness. The truth of the matter is that all of Studio Revolution’s classes are suitable for every level of fitness and every move on and off the board can be modified to work around any existing or past injury, but for those out there who just aren’t convinced, we’ve come up with one final excuse-buster: our Foundations classes.

Though in hindsight, the idea of the Foundation classes for those coming back from an injury or those hesitant about signing up for their first surf session is actually pretty inspired, according to Dr. Alim Kara, one of Calgary’s foremost chiropractors, the classes actually came to fruition accidentally. After his first visit to Studio Rev, a lightbulb went off inside Alim’s mind: a surfboard is essentially just a full-body wobble board.

“All of the rehab and evidence surround core strengthening (from a clinical standpoint) flooded my mind and I needed to learn more about the classes and concepts from Mallory,” he explains. “Wobble-based exercises are scientifically shown to provide enhanced effectiveness at building a strong core versus non-wobble based exercise, so clearly what Studio Rev is offering is a very effective form of physical activity.”

Alim came together with Studio Rev instructor and kinesiologist, Vanessa Bahry, and decided that a class focused on the foundations of surf-based actions could really help people move better and feel more comfortable and confident in all the classes offered at the studio. We workshop the surf specific moves that you don’t see in your average fitness class so that everyone can feel comfortable when they come into a faster paced, surf class,” Vanessa says.

The Foundations classes also allow people to practice typical surf moves, ask questions and find modifications or alternative exercises (if they have an injury they need to work around for example). “We structure the class in a way that Alim and I can both use our experience and backgrounds in a valuable way for participants. We both have a passion to have people moving in a way that makes them feel good and that mechanically helps to reduce the risk of injury. We selected the moves and broke them down together in a way we thought would best teach people the way to grasp the techniques and movements.” It’s for these reasons that the Foundation sessions are so ideal for beginners and those working through an injury rehabilitation alike.

For the past four months, Studio Rev regular Maya Owen, has been battling a few different injuries (achilles tendinitis and lower back strain) and has been rehabilitating with physiotherapy and massage. She was continuing her regular fitness regime of three or four sweat sessions at the studio each week, but has had to make some modifications and gear some things back. Maya signed up for our very first Foundations class to help her workshop a few different modifications she will be incorporating in her workouts until she is healed. “Having Vanessa and Dr Kara working in synergy was very effective. Vanessa would illustrate the movement and Dr. Kara would discuss what was important in the positioning of the movement,” Maya says. “The movement was demonstrated, then we practiced it with input from both Vanessa and Dr. Kara to ensure that we were doing it correctly. Both were constantly going around to individuals to ensure they were effective and correct in the movement and to answer any questions. After we went through a handful of basic movements, Vanessa pulled them all together at the end for a continuous flow and we started to sweat.”

Seeing (and doing) truly is believing in the case of the Foundations classes. Those experiencing any sort of hesitation, be it  fear of trying something new or fear of aggravating an old injury,  just need to take the plunge and sign up for one. “Let your instructor know at the start of class the things you are dealing with, listen to your body and have an open mind. You never know until you try and there are often alternatives that can be provided so that it’s suitable for  you,” says instructor, Vanessa.

As for Maya’s perspective on whether or not Studio Rev’s classes, particularly her Foundations experience, are suitable for those coming back from an injury. “ I am so grateful that Mallory and her team take injuries very seriously and they work with you to ensure that firstly, you are still able to come to the Studio, and secondly, you are able to do the exercises in a safe manner with appropriate modifications to ensure an effective workout and finally, that you have fun doing it!”

Our next Foundation class goes down this Saturday, February 27th with Vanessa and physiotherapist, Gina Lengyel. Spaces are limited so book your spot now and bust through the myths and excuses that have been standing in your way until now!

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