For most of us this will sound familiar: Every January we sit down, have a little chat with ourselves about what it is that we want to achieve over the next 365 days and we set some goals. Then what happens? Some folks will take some action towards their new goal for a few weeks or even months. More often than not, the goal seems so overwhelming, frightening, or just too damn hard to achieve that actions stop and that “goal” is put aside to be revisited some other time…or never to be pondered again.

Well, that cycle ends now surfer friends! Thanks to seasoned (and brilliant) Life Coach, Gaynor Levisky and our fearless leader (in part, as a result of the work she’s done with Gaynor), Mallory Chapman and a program they have coined Goal Setting from Abundance! On Saturday, February 13th join Gaynor, Mal and undoubtedly a bunch of the Studio Rev gang for a twist on a surf session that will turn your goal setting—and more importantly your goal achieving success rate—right on its head. We caught up with Mal and Gaynor to get the full scoop on who needs this in their life and what exactly will happen during this powerful, life-altering pow-wow.

How did you two come up with the whole concept for the Goal Setting from Abundance session in the first place?  

M: I reached out to Gaynor about my own struggles with goals originally. I know what I think I want—even that is a flawed statement in terms of achieving the end result I’m after—but I just didn’t know how to put it into my day-to-day. Strangely enough, a few days later I was chatting with Rachel and Karleen and they said almost the same things. We were missing the how aspect.

G: The concept of how to implement “goals” into daily action in order to achieve what we are after just kept coming up with my clients, so I had actually been playing around with a bunch of concepts involving the action piece when Mal brought it up with me. Serendipitous some would say…

So you’re going to change our lives in two hours. Forgive me, but how?

M: It all comes back to our focus for the year, “No Myth, No Excuses”. We are breaking down what it really is to set a goal and then with Gaynor’s tools, we teach you how to really do it and get whatever it is you truly want.

G: We state excuses as if they are facts, but they are really just our own thought barriers—in that way the excuses are just a myth. The ironic and sad thing is that we are taught from a very young age to approach goals from a place of lack—from a mindset that we are missing something that we ultimately want. When we let go of that negative story and move into an abundant mindset —which is really just knowing and acting with confidence—we get immediate results. If you don’t believe that, well, you need to come join us on the 13th and you will see for yourself.

Alright, speaking of, who needs to sign up for this?

M: It’s a mandatory human experience!

G: {Laughing} Yes, I agree with that and I love it! There’s no real description for who should be signing up for this session. Someone who’s 70-years-old, someone who’s just lost their job, or left their job to plunge into something new, even someone who’s seemingly super successful, can all gain valuable tools through this workshop. You don’t have to be an established or serious goal setter. This is a master class for people who just aren’t getting what they want or don’t know how to go about getting it. And especially those people out there experiencing groundhog day goals—those ones that get set every year and just never seem to become a reality.  This will be the last year you set the same intention if you put the Goal Setting From Abundance game plan to work.

Ready to do the work and get what you want? Get yourself signed up now!

The Practicing Mind: Goal Setting from Abundance with Gaynor Levisky. Saturday, February 13th, 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. $40.

To register for this workshop go to the enrollments tab in our MINDBODY website and sign up now!

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