Summer is coming to an end and so are the patio parties, boat adventures, endless bbq’s. What have the main excuses you’ve maybe experienced this summer when it comes to not going to the gym? Too tired, too busy, I don’t know what to do or I don’t feel like it are just some of the few. You have heard it all before, all the answers to your excuses of how to conquer the gym woes.

It comes down to looking at exercise as a part of your lifestyle; exercising is part of your life and your daily routine. If you can start thinking of exercise, even 30 minutes, as the equivalent of breakfast it becomes easier to incorporate into your life because you can’t live without it.

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The Personal Trainers at Studio Revolution look at each client not only individually but with a full in-depth view and consideration of how exercise can be more of a prominent part of your routine or if you’re an athlete how to take you to your next level. Life is stressful, balancing work, family, socialvlife and now the gym; let us take the guesswork out of how to attain something that seems unreachable.

One of the greatest benefits of personal training is seeing the progress from point A and then 6 weeks later looking back at it and laughing. Mindfully thinking, “I could only do 3 pushups and now I can do 10” or “I can’t believe I dropped 2% in body fat!”. The shear astonishment of seeing first hand what you are truly capable of with the help of a little (or a lot) extra push is part of the thrill that leaves us wanting more. We get greedy for the feeling of accomplishment, it allows us to pursue even scarier or more daunting goals, at this point nothing seems impossible.

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Personal training can not only open up your mind to new possibilities and goals, but also get you back into those skinny jeans for fall hiding in the back of your closet (we know they’re there).

To get more information visit our personal training tab on our website and fill out an inquiry form. Also keep in mind we now have a payment installment plan effective Augus 1st! Pay 50% at the time of your booking and 50% two week’s into your PT sessions.

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