First things first YYC, we made it! 10 days of partying, drinking, eating and most likely a couple bad decisions but Stampede 2015 is in the bag. YYC is a week and a half post Stampede, anyone else still feeling a little heavy and lethargic? Still trying to get motivated again? Once you’ve spent your time contemplating why you made those life decisions [that you may now regret] read below for some detox solutions to get your body back in motion.

1. Toxins you gots to go! Next time you’re up in the studio or on 17th Ave pick up one of Cru juice’s dirty lemonade. This cold press juice contains an ingredient called bentonite clay. Bentonite is known for its ability to absorb and remove toxins, as well as other heavy metals, impurities and chemicals.

2. A home remedy meant for every day action. Once you’ve cleansed your body of toxins switch to a home remedy solution: water [warm or room temperature], lemon and a pinch of cayenne pepper. For all those people who think a pinch is a handful – literally a pinch, if you don’t you’ll soon understand why. This easy drink mix is great for balancing out your body’s pH level and creating a better balance.

3. Ok here’s the grunt work- time to sweat! Time to physically cleanse your body, mind and soul with a little surf action. In my opinion there may be no better feeling than sweating it out and leaving Stampede 2015 on the surfboard. Any type of exercise, surfing or no surfing, will release those happy hormones and endorphins to make you feel good, motivated and ready to attack the world again…instead of sitting in a dark room binge watching Orange is the New Black.

4. Back to the daily grind. Half of the battle with creating a healthy lifestyle is the planning. Take an hour a week and plan your sweat dates, choose some recipes and prep yourself before you wreck yourself! Keep it simple, more veggies, lots of water and easy on the sugar. To keep the struggle from getting too real plan 1 week at a time so the thought of not having ice cream for a while doesn’t seem as daunting.

Got to go catch some waves YYC, see you on the surfboard!

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