Got the shredders blues? It’s cold and flu season in Calgary. Lately it seems like everyone we know is either recovering form a cold or in the midst of battling one (and the crazy Calgary weather isn’t doing any favours).

At Studio Revolution, we are not fans of being sick, but then again who is???? Exercise is a natural immune strengthener. A regular sweat sesh does wonders for preventing the common cold.

For those days when, a workout isn’t possible listen to your body. At Studio Revolution, when we feel ourselves get run down we like to recharge with a healthy organic immune boosting juice.

Why we love this juice:

◦   Apples: Apples contain quercitin, an immune strengthening antioxidant. Quercitin helps reduces the symptoms of the common cold, is anti-inflammatory, and helps reduce allergies.

◦   Carrots: Carrots may be the most overlooked super food. The root veggie supports the heart, the lungs, the skin, the eyes, and the immune system. The beta-carotene found in carrots is a natural anti-fungal that helps the body fight infections.

◦   Ginger: Ginger packs the heat! The spice promotes circulation and is a natural anti-nausea aid.


The Winter Shredders Immune Booster


◦   12 carrots chopped

◦   3 apples chopped

◦   2 stalks of celery

◦   1 inch of ginger

◦   1/4 cup basil

◦   1 lemon



1.Wash all the ingredients.

2.Chop/ cut the veggies and fruits to fit in your juicer.

3.Juice, everything (except the lemon). Squeeze the lemon in last.


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