No one said that achieving change in live would be easy. Change is hard! For the past, however many, years we been conditioned by our habits. We’ve fallen into a routine. At Studio Revolution, we want to break the habit of setting un-realistic change resolutions. (Why beat your self up when the old habit had the upper hand??)

When it’s just you vs. your ego, the fight is unfair. The Ego is controlling, and hates being uncomfortable. Truth is, to achieve change, and make it stick we could all use a life coach.

Modern life is hectic and full of distractions that toss us off our boards. We’ve built our January challenge to encourage you to reconnect with you. We are beyond stoked to partner with Life Coach,Gaynor Levisky of Breakthrough Junction for our first challenge of 2015. Commit to shredding your best life and join in our January Life Coach Challenge. Through out the challenge you will be encourage to:

  • Reflect back on the pool of memories that was 2014,
  • Acknowledge your gratitude in your day to day life,
  • Slow down, so you can see where your headed,
  • Awaken your senses to truly embrace the senses of life,
  • Play,
  • Participate in a random act of kindness,
  • and to UNPLUG.


This is your life, take ownership! Shred your self fit and unleash your happiest, healthiest you.


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