Are Your Legs Ready To Shred???

At Studio Revolution, our philosophy is “SHRED or Die.” (Just kidding, we take our shred seriously- but not that seriously.) When it comes to winter, we love slashing POW in the Canadian Rockies.

Come winter, we believe the most fun you can have with your boots on is on the slopes.  As soon as the first snow lands, we’re thinking about first turns. As snowboarders, first day back on a board, we often struggle with our “shred” muscles. We have the muscle memory; yet somehow have lost some specific shred strength.

To get your legs back in shape for the ski season it’s important to add compound muscle exercises to your strength routine. When we’re flying down the mountain we require strong isometric muscle engagement to hold an edge, strong stabilizer muscles to prevent us from tumbling, and quick twitch muscle fibers to enhance our response time. (As in watch out for that….)

With ski season three weeks away, we’ve chosen to build leg and leg stabilizer strength with pistol squats, and to up our agility with a side-to-side hop. We LOVE these moves because the target the body in different places and work the full radius of the body.

Check it out!


Move Break Down:

For Pistol Squats, stand on one leg and lift the other leg up. Squat as low as you can on your standing leg, with your opposite leg extended. Stand up slow, and repeat.

If you’re new to the move, we recommend starting on a flat surface and once your comfortable with the exercise test you balance.

For the Hop Over, stand with one foot on a surfset (or platform) and the other on the ground, jump your opposite leg onto the board as your other leg comes off on the other side. As you jump try to get as low as you can. Go hard for three sets of 30 seconds.

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