Got Abs? Shed ‘em lean and show ‘em off this August at Studio Revolution.

What’s the best beach accessory a dude or dudette can have??? Shredded, toned abs.  At Studio Revolution we want to help you chisel your dream core, that’s why August is all about our Abs.

To kick  August Abs into high tide, we’re running the Shredded Abs Challenge. The Shredded Abs Challenge is happening in studio from August 11th to August 24th.  We’ll be looking to give away a 5 pass card to one dedicated Shredded Abs Challenger.

To catch the abs wave, join us for a surf-style workout all 14 days of the challenge, take a #YYCShreddedAbs photo of you working your core on the SURFSET board tag at @yycstudiorevolution and use the #YYCRippedAbs.

For challenge participants, we’ll be offering a 14 day pass to Studio Revolution for just $140, or a monthly unlimited pass for $170. To learn more about the challenge, or to register stop by the studio.

(P.S. It’s not to late to join in! )


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