Pop the cold pressed juice, and raise your bottle in props to Vera, Queen of the SURFSET.

For the 10 days of Stampede, Vera swapped her cowboy boots and denim cut offs for bare feet and a total body workout. Vera sweated, pulsed, and burned her way through 10 days of SURFSET.

Vera, is our Queen of the Waves! She’s a total shred Betty with a can’t stop me attitude. Over Stampede we saw Vera killing it at the studio EVER DAY. Vera inspired us to push the class harder and to focus on results. Amongst the other challenge participants Vera also achieved some amazing results! Over the challenge Vera toned up and built lean muscle mass. We think she looks incredible! (And the funny thing is, she didn’t change her diet at all).

We caught up with Vera, to learn how she stayed motivated and committed to the challenge. Check out her story below.

SR: Vera, who inspired you to surf your way through stampede?

V: I must say, Mallory (owner of studio revolution) peaked my interest by telling me about the challenge. It was more a question of why not do the challenge? It was a bonus because I love the workouts and all the people at Studio Revolution, such great energy and positivity! My 2 kids also inspired me as I require a lot of energy to keep up with them!

SR: During the 10 days of Stampede you toned up, and slimed down. Did the results surprise you?

V: I wasnt really keeping track of inches or pounds lost but I definitely gained strength and got over my plateau in my fitness training to see immediate changes. I gained muscle mass where I wanted it. Overall I saw my body become more sculpted. I was amazed by the results, I couldn’t believe that 10 days could show such dramatic changes.

SR: What was the biggest change you noticed in your body during/ post challenge?

V: physically I would say more muscular booty my husband makes comments regularly :)!! Mentally, I would say more confidence and a renewed ” I CAN DO IT” Attitude.

SR: Did you change your diet, or forfeit all midway foods while on the Stampede Challenge?

V: I generally eat pretty clean so no change were made to my diet. I didn’t go to the stampede grounds so I didn’t indulge in the food. I did however go to the Cowboys Stampede tent one night with some coworkers and had a total of 3 beers and french fries ( that’s 1.5 too many for me! I’m a lightweight)

SR: What SURFSET class inspired you to push yourself out of your comfort zone?

V: ALL the classes push me and I love all the instructors and their teaching styles, ultimately I am the one who can choose to crank it up a notch and the instructors can facilitate that. However I am a sucker for any of Mallory’s or Denise’s classes.

SR: What SURFSET class is your favourite?

V: I can’t say I have a favorite as there are a few classes I’ve only tried once. I think the majority of classes I’ve attended are the Burn It and Build It classes.

SR: What tip or motivation saying would you like to share with those looking to start a fitness revolution of their own?

V: The biggest step is to START your fitness journey no matter how big or small and realize that there WILL be good and bad days. Focus on improvement rather than drastic changes but most of all have fun and feel good doing it!

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