Shred the junk out of your trunk with the help of isometric strength training.

Instead of performing full range of motion squats or lunges to work the butt, try burning out the glutes with isometric movements. The beauty of isometric strength training is that it targets the stability muscles. These are the smaller muscles that are easy to forget about at the gym.  At Studio Revolution, we LOVE isometric strength conditioning.

For our studio dudettes, the burning heat you feel when we isolate that booty is what will get you in that itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, very cheeky, bikini bottom ASAP. For our studio dudes, isometric strength training will give you an arse of steel that rivals iron man.

At Studio Revolution, our surf inspired workouts have all been designed to activate the various stabilizer muscle groups throughout class. When we’re wave running it out, our glute stabilizers, shoulder stabilizers and smaller core stabilizers are  all working like mad to tone up our bods. The results of stabilizer muscle activation include beautiful behinds, strong shoulders and sexy abs.

One of our favorite exercises to get the bum burning is our surf isometric lunge series.

Surf Isometric Lunges:


  • When we get into a lunge, instead of pulsing it out, we like to hold it low. As low as we can go.  For an added challenge add a pulse. YES!!!!  (Can you feel the heat??).

Isometric surf lunges are a fast and effective way to trash the junk from your trunk.

Surf’s Up!!



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