For the month of June, our mission at Studio Revolution is to get the JUNK OUT OF THE TRUNK! We’re on a mission to tone the tushes of Calgary, one surf at a time!

When it comes to “getting the junk out of the trunk” we all have a tendency to be our own worst coral reef.  Out on the ocean, there are no BUTS. It’s surf or swim.  Success in fitness is about commitment.

This month we’re challenging you to trash the BUTS! That means no:

  • But, I’m tired
  • But, I’ll work out tomorrow
  • But, it’s happy hour
  • But, patio beers
  • But, blah blah, blah

Often, the reasons we make excuses and say “BUT” are because we’re afraid. We’re scared to change, to fail, to start.  It’s important to recognize that fear is normal and with out it personal triumphs would fall flat. When you feel yourself wanting to make an excuse or to say BUT look deep and ask yourself,  if its fear that’s holding back.

If it’s fear, recognize it.  Calling fear out for what it is minimizes the power of the emotion. When we’re surfing in Tofino we’re afraid of big waves and cold water.  While fear is real, we know we have the strength and technical ability to ride the toughest of waves. Through mindful practice we’ve learned to channel our fear into motivation.

When we trashed our BUTS we saw an instant change in our attitude. We began to hit our workouts harder, we were able to breath through challenges, and we tackled our goals with a newfound confidence.

We believe that when you trash your buts you’ll have the same positive shift in your life.

After all, “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” (Maya Angelou)

P.S. We believe in you!


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