What is a mega hot bod? At Studio Revolution we believe that a mega hot bod is a body, mind and heart that is stoked on life.

To us, a mega hot bod is balanced and strong. That’s why we’ve built our classes to challenge the core, strengthen the mind, and elevate the heart.

Here’s our secret:

It’s a body that’s BALANCED.

Balance, it keeps us on our feet. At Studio Revolution we love SURFSET because it is a killer balance challenge. The wobble of the boards forces the core to engage, and the mind to connect. At Studio Revolution we train balance, non-stop. At Studio Revolution, we focus on balance. That’s why we work both sides hard.

It’s a body that’s STRONG

We’re not anyone; we’re a strong body. At Studio revolution we train for cardio strength as well as muscular strength. We like to incorporate high intensity interval training (HITT) into our classes.

Pound for pound, muscle burns more calories that fat. At Studio revolution we build strength with TRX and SURFSET. What we like about SURFSET is that it mimics surfing. When you’re out on the ocean you build strength through paddling resistance and you elevate your heart in the sprints to the wave. Our interval training is key to shredding your way fit.

It’s a body and mind that’s FLEXIBLE

The secret to a happy life is a flexible life. In the hustle of city life, our flexibility, either mental or physical, is challenged daily. At Studio Revolution we take time to stretch, breath and allow our bodies to relax. Flexibility allows the body to stay quick, nimble and injury free.

It’s a heart that’s HEALTHY

One heart, one mind, one body! The healthier the heart is the healthier the body is. SURFSET is title wave of cardio benefit. Cardio training energizes the body, combats stress and keeps the body active (and healthy) as we age.

Shred time! Let’s surf our way to a better bod. 

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