If you’ve ever been surfing- you know the importance of the duck dive. Out on the water, the get out of dodge maneuver is a total wave saver. The move gives you the freedom to push for the waves you really want.

At Studio Revolution, we’re crushing hard on Duck Dives because they challenge our core, build lean muscle mass, and help us tone the upper bodies of our dreams. (Just look at our instructor Denise’s arms). Duck Dives will give you the shoulders and triceps on an elite surfer.

Here’s why we are shredding Duck Dives:

  • Duck Dives train for shoulder stability: The more stable our shoulders are the better.  The more stable our shoulders are, the better they can react and hold on to the power created by our upper body.
  • Duck Dives challenge our balance: performing duck dives on the SURFSET boards challenges the stabilizer muscles in our shoulders, arms and core.  Stabilizer muscles are notoriously week. When we duck dive, we challenge our balance and build balance in our body.
  • Duck Dives build upper body strength: Triceps push up down, roll through shoulder stress, triceps push up back…Duck Dives burn out the upper body. (And tone up the upper arms).



At Studio Revolution, we love the Duck Dive challenge. This month our goal is to control the exercise as we up the reps. You in?

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