Why sweat with us?

Studio Revolution Fitness is the most unique place to sweat in YYC. We are the original SURFSET studio in Alberta building a stronger community. As pioneers in the fitness industry we promise an out of the box experience full of adventure to get you those long lasting #surferstrong results. We inspire our community to live the happiest healthiest life possible by making fitness fun again by our innovative SURFSET®, TRX and HIIT classes.

At Studio Revolution we Inspire, Ignite and Innovate!

Why surf at SRF?

Our highly educated and certified SRF shack team will personalize your shred experience leaving you craving more. Our SRF team draws inspiration from the adventurous spirit of surfing, and each workout is designed to push your limits for ultimate results. Our 45 minute SURFSET, TRX and HIIT classes are always different with your safety and form at the top of mind.

Be a part of something bigger…. The SURFSET workout method is the new way of fitness. Hop on board today.

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